Land Use Services

Land Use Services

Maxfield provides a comprehensive approach to assist our clients in optimizing land use and the value of their real estate.   We partner with our clients to capitalize on market opportunities and return on investment while reducing project risk.   Maxfield has a wealth of experience in conducting land use and redevelopment studies, ranging from small neighborhood projects to large-scale “master plans” for area revitalization.  Working closely with community agencies, land planning consultants, architects, and other specialists, we have helped to design practical frameworks for a variety of development projects.

We employ a dynamic approach – our land use research is not confined to statistical data, but also investigates the human factor; employing interviews, surveys, focus groups, site selection, and other attitudinal research tools. This primary information maximizes our clients’ ability to implement programs that are market-driven and add value to our clients’ real estate projects.

Land Use Services Include:
•    Redevelopment Studies
•    Highest & Best Use
•    Adaptive Reuse
•    Master Plans/Master Planned Communities
•    Small Area Plans
•    Transit Oriented Development/Corridor Studies
•    And More

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Our Clients

We have used Maxfield Research for our Market Feasibility Studies for the past seven years. We have always found them to be accurate and non-biased. On occasion, we have had a market study performed and from the results, we determined that the project should not go ahead. On other occasions, we rework our customers pricing so that if fits with the market expectations. They have been a valuable part of our project development team.
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