Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our staff at Maxfield has the experience and expertise to customize services tailored to your specific concept or project.  Our repertoire of consulting services is broad and flexible.

Building or Development Findings and Conclusions are typically summarized in memorandum format. Time required and costs of service vary according to the specific work involved.

Our consulting services include the following:
•    Market Area Definition
•    Site/Location Selection
•    Competitive Analysis
•    Site Analysis and Neighborhood Review
•    Focus Groups and Surveys
•    Project Concept and Floor plan Review
•    Financial Feasibility Review
•    Project “Shops”
•    Design and Evaluation of Marketing Strategies
•    Updates of Previous Studies
•    Project Workouts
•    Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Because of our extensive network of professionals in areas such as design, construction, finance, and advertising, we also have the connections to coordinate development and marketing programs. This team approach can be effective in producing a unified strategic plan which ties together complex elements and simplifies the development and marketing process.

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